The time is 6:09 pm and ‘Superman’ by Five For fighting is playing quietly on my tab. Mothers’ day is barely a week away and I am drawing inspiration from my mother and writing a song of praise for mothers all over the world.


She is a vessel, She is a medium;

The arch connecting dust and soul


She is invincible, She is fair;

She gives life the final word


She sees in the dark; her heart illuminates

Far and beyond the physical into realms unknown


She speaks in a lingo only the other can discern,

And in her tongue lies the law of kindness


She is faith; supporting what we see

Unto the scene that we do not


She is faith; that which works by love

Unwavering even in doubts overwhelming presence


I am being interrupted by the familiar Nokia tune of my cell phone notifying me of an incoming call, quickly I scribble the next line of my ‘song’,


She is love; her brand infinitely intoxicating

She is truth; mighty above all things


I do not want to lose the plethora of words roaming free in my head but the ringing is persistent.


I pause, sigh and then pick up my phone glancing at its 6” screen and then smile when I see ‘Ma Mere Calling’ boldly displayed across it:


“Aku ke k’ime?” is the first thing she says like I had already guessed she would. Those words are her trademark opening lines.


“I am fine, mummy. How you dey na?”


“I dey fine o. Only say hunger dey worry us for here.”


I laugh. And she laughs too.

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