Grief is a natural response to loss.
I lost something I never really had and
yet still the pain of my loss absolutely
boggled my mind.
They say the pain of loss is severe
because the pleasure of life is so great;
it demonstrates the supreme value of
what is lost.
Not in my case tho.
There was no understanding the value
of what I lost when I never really had it
in the first place. But the grief and pain
was inevitable just like thunder after
One of the primary xteristics of being
human is knowing what constitutes
right and wrong and what it means to
be responsible whether one chooses
to be or not. but often times when
presented With a tough choice we take
the seeming easy route. At least I did.
Only to realize that there is no absolute
easy way out of a self induced tough
situation. Actions have consequences
and as much as we might try to evade
it, life(karma) would always have the
final word and those words are not
always pleasant.
Grief has about 5-7 identified stages
and I am still going through the
process. There are so many things I’d
do differently if given the chance and
despite how totally messed up I get
sometimes I never forget to tell myself
that I am FINE because tho it might not
be totally true right now, I trust that
eventually it would be.
Grief… loss…
I have lost but I have also gained. I
gained a deeper awareness of self. A
self that has enabled me clarify my
purpose in life and rediscover the
wonder Of the present moment. For
tHo my body may be broken, my
thoughts confused and my emotions
troubled, I am hopeful that life can still
be good.
The moral lesson here is that age long
saying : evry dark cloud has a silver
lining. You might not See it almost
immediately…but keep looking…And
eventually you just would.


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