An ExcerPt

6 hours later…

“My head was throbbing. I shut my eyes and felt myself slipping into a black hole of dread and oblivion. People seemed to recede from sight until they appeared to be standing far away on some distant horizon. I had trouble hearing what they were saying;their voices seemed faint

“This was my first encounter with existential darkness. And in this time I had some kind of waking dream.

“I dreamt of a setting sun. I was running west trying desperately to catch it and remain in its fiery warmth and light. But I was losing the race.

“The sun was beating me to the horizon and it was soon gone. I suddenly found myself in the twilight. Tired I stopped running and glanced with foreboding over my shoulder to the east.

“I saw a darkness closing in on me. I was so terrified by that darkness. I kept on running after the sun even though I knew that it was futile for it had proven itself faster than I was. I thought that without the sun I would live in absolute darkness forever and with a feeling of terror in my soul I kept running after it.

“Eventually I woke up.

“My forhead felt a little damp and there was a slight ache in my head. My father was no longer in the room and for a short moment that left me confused. I glanced at the wall clock on my right. The time was 4:25pm.

“I figured my father had probably gone to pick up my brothers from school-a ‘chore’ he only did when Mom was unavailable.

“Unavailable? What did that word really mean especially to me? I felt my eyes become moist with tears which I quickly brushed off with the back of my palm.

“You only cry when you’ve lost someone or something. As at that moment I held on to my belief that life as I knew it was still as it was. Whole. Complete. No loss. I refused to see my reality for what it was- something terrible that could not be reversed. I dodged the truth rather than allow myself confront it.”

P.s: as usual all grammatical errors were intended!

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2 thoughts on “An ExcerPt

  1. uhmmmmm***gat 2 tyns on my mind*** d 1st i cant say here nd u knw yyy**hope u knw wat i mean shaa*** 2nd is d is excerpt from where? gat an idea bt nt sayin here…………… Basically shaa very captivating writin nd preety guud gets ur attention nd make u ask for MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gal

  2. if you wrote this, I love you! Been long i read something like this, and may I add dat d only time i read thins like this, I am usually reading my own thoughts..*moist-eyed*

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